There are many things that the people of Herzliya Pituach can do in their spare time to not only keep boredom at bay, but also allow them to enjoy their leisure time. With so many things to see and do in Herzliya and the surrounding areas, it is hard to ever think that anyone could be bored in a city with as rich a history as this. The residents of Herzliya have so much to see and do at their fingertips, from museums to ancient city ruins, a national park and so much more.

Attractions in Herzliya

There are many attractions that are worth seeing in Herzliya that will not only present you with awe inspiring sights as well as a multitude of experiences that you will remember for a life-time. The first attraction that should never be over looked is the Herzliya Art Museum where you can see amazing modern art. This museum is located in the center of the city by the central bus station making it easy to get to as well as lots of fun to enjoy. There is also the Sidna-‘Ali Mosque which is not only beautifully constructed, but possesses bright green rooftops and is positioned at the edge of a cliff on the north beach. You may also enjoy the Apollonia-Arsuf which is an ancient city from the Greco-Roman period that has been excavated. This ruin city offers not only a chance to see the history of the era and area, but will allow you to enjoy the beauty that had been buried beneath the earth. Finally the Apollonia National Park which will provide you with beautiful sights and a romantic place for couples to enjoy the surrounding area of the Apollonia-Arsuf.

Marina Herzliyathe marina in herzliya pituach

This beautiful village is the home of many luxury apartments, although it is frequently used as a vacation get
away for couples looking for a romantic place. The marina is also a place of beautiful beaches including the Apollonia Beach which is part of the Apollonia National Park, and several other beaches that will allow you to dip your toes in the water. You can even find boat rides that will get you out over the water to enjoy sun and surf as well as fishing and other water activities to help you relax the day away.

The Beach Shore Herzliya

The beach shore of Herzliya offers not only sun and sand along with many different water activities, you will also find several vacation rentals to allow you to stay a while and enjoy yourself during your leisure time. With several rentals available on the market each and every day, as well as several luxury hotels, there is no reason you can’t enjoy your time of peace and relaxation. As you enjoy the beach and vacation homes, you can learn to surf or simply explore the shore for seashells and other fun things.

The Ancient Historical Settlement of Apollonia

Many visit Apollonia today to see the ruins that were left behind by the Greek colonists in 588 BCE. This ancient settlement provides a rich history and offers many views of the beautiful architecture and discoveries that have been made over the years. While many who visit simply enjoy walking around the abandoned city, others look for the remnants that were left behind when the Greek colonists left between the 3rd and 8th centuries. The excavation of these ruins have provided a rich historical view of the city that will certainly allow you to not only enjoy the beauty of the area but your leisure time as well.

Arena Shopping Center in Herzliya Pituach

This shopping mall located near the Herzliya Marina offers many things to do as well as the ability to shop and relax. With a wide variety of shops that are open for perusing, the Arena Shopping Center is located close enough to the marina that you could begin your day shopping and finish with a nice boat ride or simply relax on the sand. The shopping center isn’t just an amazing place for shopping, you can also grab something to eat, and there is something for the whole family as there are many unique play areas for kids to enjoy. Visitors of this shopping center aren’t only offered free parking and public transportation options, you will also find luxury shops within the mall that will provide you with a wide variety of merchandise. And if you are looking for the perfect view, the Arena Shopping Center has the best romantic view of the sailboats that dock just outside its walls. You can enjoy the sunset and watch the boats drift across the water after a long day of shopping and relaxation to top off your day with someone you care about.