One of the more affluent areas in all of Herzliya (and throughout the Sharon region), individuals and families that are considering moving to Herzliya Pituach are almost universally interested in the schools and educational opportunities that are available.
Thankfully, the community of Herzliya Pituach is serious about education, and provides a variety of top-notch schools and educational opportunities for children (and adults) of all ages. Most of the schools in this region are private and cater to affluent families and individuals, though there are some public-school opportunities that new residents will have the opportunity to take advantage of as well. In case  you are considering buying Houses for sale in Herzliya Pituach, you may find this information essential.

The Treehouse International School

Located in one of the better areas of the already stunning community, this particular school caters specifically to kindergarten and preschool aged children from all areas around the world. A truly international school, it’s home to students from more than 40+ countries and has a fantastic reputation throughout all of Israel.

schools in herzliya pituach

Smadar Junior High School

The only public junior high school in the area, children that have graduated from all of the elementary schools (private or public, it makes no difference) will have the opportunity to receive their education at this facility. Teacher to student ratios are intentionally kept quite low so that each student receives enough “face time” with their instructors, boosting the overall quality of the education that this public-school produces significantly.

Raphael Recanati International School

International students (as well as Israeli citizens) that are looking to pursue their undergraduate or graduate degrees will have the opportunity to do so at this school. Closely modeled after Ivy League universities and colleges in the United States (most predominantly Harvard), this school and its curriculum are considered to be one of the best educational opportunities in all of Israel. Incredibly exclusive, acceptance rates are still quite high though there is a prescreening process necessary before individuals are allowed to technically pass their application form along to administration.